Friday, January 30, 2015

Dragon Well

I turned the tasting notes I took of this tea at a tea class tonight into a poem once I got back home. I hope you enjoy it!

Dragon Well

At first I only taste 
the goodness of this tea
but then the flavors separate
and become distinct to me

The first one that I taste
is like kale that has been steamed
a little less descriptive,
it would vegetal be deemed 

The next distinct to me
is the delicious nutty-ness
this flavor 'tis a pleasure,
in all it's creamy-ness

And all the time I sip
it tastes 'most buttery
and with stevia-like sweetness
I do enjoy this tea!

I forgot to take any pictures of the tea, so I just put two good tea photographs of mine on instead.

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