Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The "Accidental" Blend

  I had a can of Da Hong Pao oolong tea that the lid kept falling off of. I also had a large can of Silver Needle white tea with very little tea in it.
  So, after my Da Hong Pao kept repeatedly spilling (it somehow never all spilled), I without thinking much about the result, put the smaller tin with a lid that often fell off in the larger tin with a lid that I have never known to fall off. Well, probably needless to say, the next time I went to get some Silver Needle, I found instead some "Silver Da Hong Pao Needle" white oolong tea. In case you have never tried it, separating blended tea is very difficult. I tried to separate the two teas, and did not get very far before I gave up. So after thinking for about two seconds, it occured to me that I could just brew the "Silver Da Hong Pao Needle" white oolong tea, or for short The "Accidental" Blend.

  After brewing and trying The "Accidental" Blend, I decided I liked it much better than just Silver Needle or just Da Hong Pao. I would never have thought of mixing those teas together, but after mixing them together accidentally and trying them, I think this blend is now one of my favorites.

Note: Put together teas that you did not think would ever go together, and mix them together. You might accidentally come up with the best tea you ever tried. Or don't do that if you do not want to risk wasting tea. 

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