Friday, January 30, 2015

Dragon Well

I turned the tasting notes I took of this tea at a tea class tonight into a poem once I got back home. I hope you enjoy it!

Dragon Well

At first I only taste 
the goodness of this tea
but then the flavors separate
and become distinct to me

The first one that I taste
is like kale that has been steamed
a little less descriptive,
it would vegetal be deemed 

The next distinct to me
is the delicious nutty-ness
this flavor 'tis a pleasure,
in all it's creamy-ness

And all the time I sip
it tastes 'most buttery
and with stevia-like sweetness
I do enjoy this tea!

I forgot to take any pictures of the tea, so I just put two good tea photographs of mine on instead.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Highland tea blend and a Lego London Tea Room

This Highland tea blend is one The London Tea Room did exclusively for January. It actually is almost like a tea blend I blended almost a year ago, the only difference is that I used Keemun in my blend and they used a Kenyan tea in theirs.
I am really liking the challenge of writing a poem that accurately describes what I taste in a certain tea. This one is probably my favorite poem so far.

Highland Tea

A background of smoky
and mellow astringency 
neither overpowering
yet not very subtle

What is subtle, though,
is the slight hint of sweetness
and the taste that seems 
almost quite fruity

This tea is quite juicy
and almost is creamy
the right blend of flavors,
it seems the end of my cup
appears way too soon

I decided to write it as a three-verse poem this time.

I built a Lego London Tea Room a couple weeks ago and photographed it just today, I thought I would put the two best photographs on my post. 

How do you like it? I have not gotten out my Legos in about two years, but when I did get them out, this is what I built. This London Tea Room is (hopefully!) not going to be crashed.