Saturday, December 13, 2014

Six Teas (Poem)

The calm and floral
notes of Jasmine Green
first they dance, and then linger
and remind me of
the flowering spring

The earthy-smoky 
hints in Keemun
remind me of the 
sightly smoky woods
into which I walk

The nutty-grassy 
taste in Kukicha tea
is one in which I do delight 
it tastes like autumn, it tastes of lake
and of the fresh-cut grass

The buttery-nutty taste 
can be found in Milk Oolong
it tastes of fresh churned butter
and holds me many memories
I smile when I taste this tea

I like the taste of White Peony
that reminds me of
the summer rain
of fresh fallen autumn leaves 
and of melting winter snow

The taste of Pu-erh of many kinds
always has and always will
remind me of the spring
whether walking in the rainy wood
or in my garden planting seed

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