Friday, July 3, 2015

Guest post by Amanda Wilson

Thank you for doing this guest post Amanda! Hop on over to her blog: My Thought Are Like Butterflies

Today I am taking a look at Irie a coconut themed Chai spiced tea from Tea Leaf Co (or TeaLC if you are feeling fancy) it takes a classic Masala Chai and tweaks it a bit with coconut and a bit of orange peel. The aroma is very sweet and spicy, blending nice strong ginger and clove with a touch of cinnamon, pepper, and cardamon. Of course there is coconut, just the right amount to accent the spices without overwhelming them with sweetness. Tie in a bit of malt from the black tea base and that is how this tea smells.
Brewing the leaves and spices (and other fun things) brings out a very rich blend of spices and coconut. The coconut is creamy and sweet, an excellent accompaniment to the spices, reminiscent of Thai curry. The liquid is a nice blend of spices, with ginger and cinnamon being the dominant ones, the others are mellow in comparison, the coconut is pleasantly sweet and creamy, though not as intense as the leaves.
Tasting the tea, with the usual added cream and sugar for a Chai (pretty much the only time I take cream and sugar in my tea anymore) the first thing I notice is the powerhouse of spices blending with the rich malty tea base. The coconut is mellow, it does not detract or overwhelm the spices, and adds a creamy taste and mouthfeel. It is almost like instead of using cream I used coconut milk, just to add a hint, which was great. Sometimes coconut teas are too coconut heavy and you miss out on the other notes, not this time! The aftertaste is spice, specifically warming ginger and pepper.

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  1. Neat post! Tea is very fun :D



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