Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dark Pearl Oolong

This is such a good tea! It has a rather dark flavor, but is still fruity. It also is more astringent than a lot of oolongs, making almost a mix in flavor between a black and an oolong. I got this one time when I went to The London Tea Room, and asked them what their most interesting tea was. They told me that this one was probably their most interesting tea. I agree that it is very interesting. I have found that some of my favorite teas are the interesting, unique, and different ones. If you can imagine a black tea (I thought a Keemun without the smokyness) mixed with... say Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong and Tung Ting oolong, what you would get is something like Dark Pearl oolong. Dark Pearl is also almost lemony, it is not sour, it is just a little lemony. It also had that toasted barley/oat flavor that a lot of oolongs have! I would say this tea has a very juicy mouthfeel, but, if you let it get cold or cool (accidentally) before you get to drinking it, the mouthfeel is rather creamy. If you can call a tea rich, I would call this tea rich. It is also slightly savory, and sometimes when I drink it, I taste baked potatoes and leeks. At other times though, I taste bananas and peaches (I don't care for the taste of bananas though, sadly.) Yes, I think interesting is a good word to describe this tea!

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