Thursday, November 20, 2014

My adventures with Gardenia Fragrance (Huang Zhi Xiang)

I went to a tea rarties class last friday, and one of the teas we sampled was, Gardenia Fragrance (Huang Zhi Xiang) oolong. However they did not really have much information on gardenia fragrance (except for the fact that was grown on WuDong mountain). So I came home with the intention of finding out as much as I could about it. I googled it and found quite a bit of information, which I then sent to the person who was doing the tea class. 
I decided to copy and paste my email and the links to this blog, it seemed like it would make a good first post.

This is my compiling of some of the information I found (and read) about Gardenia Fragrance Tea: It is a whole-leaf tea, and is oxidized 40-60 percent. It is also a Dancong oolong . I think that Huang Zhi Xiang refers to a type of tea bush and it is from the Guangdong province. The trees Gardenia Fragrance comes from are over one hundred years old! I also just copied and pasted this information: It is barely roasted, and as one of the lightest, least oxidised Phoenix Oolongs falls somewhere between a ‘Qing’ and ‘Nong Xiang’. The tea’s thicker, smoother character and more pronounced and persistent finish are indications of its age and lineage. 

Here is the link to the website that I copied and pasted  this from:

Here is an interesting review about several Dancong oolongs:

This page includes a lot of information about Dancong oolongs, and also some information about Gardenia Fragrance:

 This page also includes another name for Gardenia Fragrance - Yellow Blossom Fragrance:

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